Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Become Motivated to Exercise using Hypnosis

Become Motivated to Exercise using Hypnosis

How can hypnosis help you to become motivated to exercise? First of all, I’m a firm believer in exercise. No matter what kind of job we have, we don’t work as hard as in say, colonial days. I go to the Maple Syrup Festival at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary every year and they show how people in colonial days made maple syrup. We just don’t work that hard anymore. So we need to exercise more in this day and age.

Exercise has so many benefits. It helps manage stress, anxiety, depression. It boosts your immune system and helps you to sleep better. It produces endorphins which make you feel good, like you want to take on the world. Take note of how you feel before you exercise, and how you feel when you’re finished. I remember watching Jack LaLanne on TV when I was a kid. Remember his exercise program.

Through hypnosis, you can motivate yourself to exercise by being constantly reminded of the benefits of regular exercise. You can make exercise a regular habit, like brushing your teeth. You feel good when you brush your teeth, you feel bad when you don’t. You feel good when you exercise, you feel bad when you don’t. We like to move towards things that make us feel good.

While in hypnosis, you can see an image of “another you” who is motivated to exercise because of all the benefits it produces. You can then merge into that “other you”. You can project your thoughts into the future, seeing yourself in the future enjoying the benefits of exercise and seeing how your body has changed after only a few months of regular exercise. What you see and think about your subconscious mind will want to do and become.

You can motivate yourself with words like you do with things that you are motivated to do, associating exercise with something else that you like to do; all by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. 

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