Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Control Food Cravings with Hypnosis

How to Control Food Cravings with Hypnosis

What is a craving food? A craving food is a food you eat even though you’re not hungry, or a food you continue to eat even though you’re full. A food you have a craving for that you eat in secret, or would go buy in the middle of the night if it wasn’t in the house. A food that’s keeping you from attaining your goal weight.

In hypnosis, you are at a heightened state of awareness and your senses are amplified. The first thing to do to control food cravings is to become more attracted to healthy foods instead by seeing healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in your mind big, bright, and colorful. In 3D. With plenty of texture. Imagine that you have a brightness knob. Turn the knob and make these foods even brighter than they already are. Let yourself be more attracted to the colorful foods in the produce aisle of the supermarket. That’s right. Be attracted to colorful produce. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple foods. When you’re in the parking lot in the grocery store, close your eyes and see these foods big, bright, and colorful. In 3D. With plenty of texture. Make them brighter by using a brightness knob. Make them appealing for you. See them in your mind big and bright and colorful. In 3D, with plenty of texture. Delicious.

On the other hand, your problem foods, see a picture of them in your mind’s eye, in color. Then drain the color away from the picture. Make it a black and white picture. See if you can put a frame or border around the picture. View this picture of your problem food through a piece of Plexiglas, so it’s distorted, warped. Now finally push the picture further and further away, further and further away, further and further away, until it’s the size of a postage stamp. When you do this continually by doing your self hypnosis, you’ll find that this creates an indifference towards your problem foods.

Now see your problem food again. This time, see your problem food painted on a piece of sandpaper. See a picture of your problem food on a piece of sandpaper. See that problem food in black and white on that piece of sandpaper. Imagine your problem food in your mouth along with sand. Imagine that gritty sand in your mouth. Just like when you get sand in your mouth at the beach. Associate your problem food with having sand in your mouth. That gritty taste.

And there are many more techniques you can use while in hypnosis to create negative associations with problem foods.

Through hypnosis, you can create positive associations with healthy foods and negative associations with problem foods.

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